Phoenix Music Publications

Phoenix Music Publications is proud offer our publications on-line, enabling our many fans worldwide a chance to see our complete line of publications as well as offering a means of staying up-to-date on our new releases.

We are proud to feature our star composers Kerry Turner ( and Chris Wiggins as well as our feature performers The American Horn Quartet (

We also welcome our new composer Ricardo Matosinhos ( with whom we have set up an international horn competition on youtube! For more information, see his website above.

We offer high-quality works in a high-quality format. We take pride in the music we offer. A large number of our publications has been recorded on cd by various professional groups all over the world. As our internet-site grows and matures, we hope to be able to offer you many links to recordings of our works as well as information on the pieces themselves.

While here, check out our collection of cds as well.

Interested in gift articles? Click through to our internet site or for our german-speaking customers, for interesting gift ideas for all you music loving friends and family.